February 11 2020 eclipse horoscope

Not that the Waterbearer needs the reminder, but life is still unfolding and it only gets better from here.

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For all zodiac signs, this is a wonderful time to dig into study of subjects that you enjoy and maybe even add a few books to your personal library. Binge watch National Geographic or documentaries, check out the science museum or explore conspiracy theories.

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As the weather begins to lighten up, some zodiac signs might want to get more physically active in sports and perhaps use their gym membership with a greater commitment. Mars continues to heighten our awareness of the need to live life with greater intentionality. Mars in a fellow Fire Sign's house opens the door to new adventure and exploration in the area of spirituality and self awareness. The masculine and feminine come together.

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While in Aquarius, we approached problems and conversation with the mind. Now, we connect with others through the heart. For some zodiac signs, there may be some return to an old problem in love that needs to resolve. With Pisces, expect healing but it may require having tough conversations first. This event opens the door to new adventures. Well, maybe pushes us out of our shells so that we are less shy about venturing out and trying new things.

Friendships may become more important during this time period, and there's a significant impact on us all for the next 6 months in the area of career, home, and love. For some this will be a time of partnering up, for others, it will mean breaking from what's expected and listening to our hearts. Aquarius isn't always about doing what's expected, but definitely be true to yourself. Aries, this month, the climb continues in career, but love starts to open a door in the middle of this week. You could find yourself exploring what it means to fall in love or perhaps learn to love yourself in a new way.

Taurus, this week, hard work pays off but you won't be going through things alone.

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You will be connected with partners and team building. There could even be changes in your home where you start to see an improvement in relationships that mean the most to you. Gemini, this week, be ready for some interesting revelations.

You may find that you have more talent that even you imagined you had. Your sense of exploration and adventure increases, but this time in a productive way. You also could be invited on some travel or study abroad. If you've been looking for love, you may find it outside of your home base and a long-distance relationship shows the way. Cancer, don't be too surprised if the same people who seemed to not even noticed all your love and concern suddenly appear to be more appreciative and even genuinely thankful.

Partial Solar Eclipse of January 06

You may find that you are given tokens of appreciation that touch your heart in all sorts of ways. Leo, it's been a long time coming, but this week your heart opens the door just a little bit more. People often don't realize just how sensitive you are beneath what others see as 'ego', but truly you love deeply.

Virgo, of course, what would life be without you setting things into order. This week, what comes together seamlessly is your mindset.

You finally have the chance to see things eye-to-eye with others, especially family. Your homemaking skills and how you're able to make spaces nurturing and comfortable really shine. Even your appearance and energy will communicate comfort and security to others that eases the tension wherever you are. Libra, this week, be prepared to get a heart full. Solar eclipses. Eclipse chasing Solar viewer Planetary transit Solar eclipses in fiction. Categories : Partial solar eclipses in science 20th-century solar eclipses February events Solar eclipse stubs. Hidden categories: All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk.

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