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This has led to shooting medical expenses. When will i be free from these physical ailments and what should i do to get rid of these ailments? Ref I had given a loan to my friend two years ago on no interest basis. Now he refuses to give the Loan amount back on some pretext or the other. When will i get this loan amount back. When do you see financial prosperity for me? Ref I am having problems with my brothers regarding the division of our family estate that was left to us by our father.

They are creating legal problems, Will i get a share of the estate. If so when.

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Ref I am planning to construct a new house but this plan gets delayed by one reason or other. When will i have my own house.

Vedic Astrology: Introduction to Jyotish or Indian Astrology

Please take out an auspicious date next month for starting the new work. Ref Even after two years of marriage we don't have a child. The tests were conducted and everything is all right physically. Will i be a mother?

Ref We have been married 10 years and have three daughters. Will we be blessed with a Son? Ref I have been facing litigation for the last two years. My employer has filed a suit against me. I am innocent. I have been incurring legal expenses and tremendous mental pressure. In these times of stress my friends have left me and i do not have enough money to pay my rent.

My family life has been disturbed to a considerable extent. When will i free from these problems. Please suggest remedial measures. Ref When will i get married? I am sending the birth details of my Girlfriend. Are we compatible according to Astrology. How will we fare as a couple after marriage"? Ref I have been married for 13 years now. For the last couple of years we are having problems. Differences have crept in.

Vedic Chart Types and Special Lagnas

This is partly my fault for i have an extra martial relationship which my wife is aware of. However beside this i feel she is basically against me. She does not love me or entertain my friends and makes fun of me in front of everybody and threatens me with divorce. I hate the very sound of the word. I just cannot believe this is the same woman i married and was in love with.

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Please guide me. Ref I am very interested in occult practices. I have tried my hand at various Sadhanas but have not got success. Which God should i worship for success in Sadhana. What is the mantra i should chant for maximum benefit. Ref Sir, my son is in the final year of Graduation.

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He is an excellent student and i feel that he has a good chance of success in the Administrative services. Although he differs with me and wants to Do further studies in Management.

The Zodiac

What do you suggest. He has Sun in the 10th house. Vedic astrology is nothing but the technique of knowing and predicting the past, present and the future of an individual, based on the planetary configuration that was present at the time of the birth or the planetary configuration that exists at the exact time of questioning.

Vedic astrology originated and flourished in ancient India.


It is also called as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology or the Jyotish. The entire foundation of the Indian astrology is based on the movements of the Planets along the cosmic zodiac. The exact planetary configuration that was present at the time of birth of the individual is recorded in the form of a chart called the birth chart, horoscope or a Kundali. So basically the birth chart gives you the snapshot of the sky indicating the exact placement of planets and stars at that particular time.

Free online Vedic (Indian, Hindu) Horoscope

According to Vedic astrology, the heavenly bodies like stars and planets are moving in a circular path of degrees known as Zodiac or Bhachakra. In Jyotishya, there are three main types of birth charts or Kundalis being used in India, in recent years. Among these three charts, the south Indian and the north Indian styled birth charts are the most used ones.

Below we have given a birth chart of Lord Sri Rama that was created using the data available in the ancient scriptures representing the approximate date of birth. This is for informational purpose only and may not be exact. BTW the difference lies only in the presentation of these charts. The methods of analyzing, assessing and predicting are one and the same, in both of these Vedic astrology charts. Male Female. Place Min. KP Horary Random KP Number. Time Zone. Long Deg. Long Min. Lat Deg.

Ayanamsa K. New K. Old N. Lahiri B. Raman K. Khullar Sayan. Try Free Kundli Software Now. How To Get Your Free Kundli Ordering your free janam kundali analysis is an easy and simple task as long as you know your birth details. In order to attain your free horoscope, simply follow the given instructions and fill in the kundli software: Enter your full name in the first dialogue box. Put in your date of birth in the separate date, month, and year boxes.