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In Gujarat and Maharashtra, this festival is celebrated as Uttarayan. This festival is celebrated as Pongal in the southern states of India. The day of Uttarayan is said to be the day of God, so commencing for new work, yajna, vow, marriages, etc. In Gujarat, Kite playing festival is celebrated on this day.

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In Bhagwad Geeta, Lord Krishna has said, Uttarayan is the most auspicious period of six months in which it has maximum light. If somebody leaves his body in this period then he will attain moksha and will be regenerated.

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During the era of Mahabharat, Bhishm Pitamah was blessed with euthanasia. His soul also left his body on the day of Makar Sankranti.

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On this auspicious day only, Goddess Ganga came on Earth and blessed the genealogy of Bhagirath. According to Hindu calendar, sun transits from one zodiac sign to another twice in a year.

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This change is known as Uttarayan or Dakshinayan. In Hinduism, the transit of Sun from south to north is meant to be very auspicious.

When the Sun transits from East to South, the rays during this period is meant to be harmful. But when the Sun moves from East to North, the rays signifies the improvement in health and peace in life.